How to protect your business from RANSOMWARE

How to stay protected?

Ransomware is the most recent security treat to businesses.

At LOB, we have developed a solution to protect your assets.

  1. Most attacks come via emails, it is important to use an Antispam solution that recognizes and eliminates malware. We suggest ZeroSPAM, the leading Canadian AntiSPAM filter available.
  2. The second item to protect is Internet downloads and social media links. Using a great Firewall that is correctly configured will eliminate that risk.
  3. For maximum of protection, we suggest the use an Antivirus/Antimalware solution that is up to date and is known to protect against ransomware. We have tested and approved Webroot Secure Anywhere as the best product in that category.
  4. Even with the above steps, a well protected business needs a continuity solution that helps recover from Malware, hardware failure or physical disaster. We view Datto as the leading business security solution.

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